Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah

The most popular visage on the route from the Pyrenees to Santiago has to be that of Jesus. We’ve seen the pictures. Jesus is everywhere.


New Image2


That’s exciting to us. Our expectations for visiting amazing cathedrals and seeing fantastic sculpture and historical Christian art are among the many reasons that we are becoming pilgrims.

And we hope to record it all with cameras and camcorders. (We’ve bought wonderful cameras especially for the trip)

So preparing to photograph the trip was among the challenges that we began to prepare for in the past three weeks. And unlike Nelly, who we photographed last week, Jesus does not need to get into “baller-mode,” for pictures.

So Jackie and I found Jesus………literally.

New Image4

He is a popular fellow at Roselawn Memorial Gardens, a cemetery located just down the street from our house. To practice some Jesus photography, we did a few walks through the cemetery, and tested our new camera. We’ve included the results with this entry.



The Jesus challenge aside, the biggest challenge we face remains unchanged……………Walking and Walking and Walking.

We’ve continued to train, managing 10.3 miles on a Sunday afternoon on the Saginaw County Rail Trail, as our longest walk so far. Some of the walks are easier than others, but there is a special feeling of satisfaction that we have been come to love after we finish the walks.

In truth, our Camino started weeks ago when we first laced up the walking shoes.

Our biggest Michigan walking test will be next weekend when we go for four back-to-back days of eight to 12 miles a day. At least that is our plan. And if we can be that disciplined, we’ll feel pretty confident about our pilgrimage.

Truly there have been many miracles reported along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, but the greatest miracle may be the act of us walking daily ten to 20 miles for 35 days. That will be a miracle!



We have begun playing music that we’ve housed on our iPhones in the most recent walks. On the Camino, we’ll probably use earphones to keep our music to ourselves.

But Jackie came up with a truly inspired idea for her music playlist on the walk. Jackie has asked each of our kids and a few of her friends for their favorite songs to make a very special playlist.

Obviously, our families and friends will be on our minds often on the Camino, and this is another great way to celebrate the love that allows us to really immerse ourselves in the walk.

The idea was brilliant.


100 Days Til We Start Walking

 Our reservations are made.

We fly on Wednesday, August 20, from Detroit to Paris on Air France.

From Paris, we will take trains and buses to reach the tiny hamlet of St Jean Pied de Port, which will mark the start of the Camino. The expected date to start walking is August 24.

We hope to reach the cathedral at Santiago between September 27 and 29.

Our return to the states is also reserved. We’ll fly again from Paris, on October 2. The return, however, will include a weekend stop in Baltimore for an engagement party for Jim’s daughter, Nicole, and her fiancé, Jake Heilig, at his hometown in Maryland.

And soon after, Jackie heads to her son Aaron’s home in Wyoming. Aaron and his wife, Kate, are expecting their second child soon after we return to the states so it will be a race to Santiago and home to beat the baby.

That’s the plan.

In between, we probably won’t see Nelly, but we’ll see plenty of Jesus.

And I’m sure we’ll be asking him for help………………often.


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  1. J and J,
    This is one awesome site and an even better endeavor. I’m looking forward to following it all the way through your trip.
    Good luck!
    (As for me, I think I’ll just stick with my 18 hole “walks” in Scotland.)

    • Randy,
      You have my sympathy, having to settle for a round of golf on an “Old Course” in that Scotland town–St. Anthony…Archibald… Now I remember, you settled for playing the greatest golf course in the world, the Old Course at St. Andrews…pity, pity.

      Thanks for your support, Randy.


  2. you both are in my thoughts everyday, when im in class or even at the gym. i have been running a few miles a day, and i will tell you that your body will get used to longer durations. so DONT LOOK BACK. im sure you will find the greater satisfaction each day as you make progress in your journey!! pretty soon, you will laugh at only walking a couple miles a day : ) im very proud of you both, this is a life time achievement that many do not get to experience. thank you for sharing! i love you guys, Buen Camino

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